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What Is Educational Therapy?

When perceived learning challenges or diagnosed learning disorders co-exist with complex social/emotional concerns, a combination of therapeutic tools and teaching methods can help students nurture their best selves. We offer educational therapy and support for youth who struggle with Learning Disorders (LD's) and associated social and emotional issues. 

Educational Therapy offers a supportive bridge, closing the gap that can exist between tutoring and counselling. We engage students and families and work closely with a network of education and healthcare professionals to provide evaluation, remediation, case management, and communication/advocacy on behalf of children, adolescents and adults with special learning needs. 

 We work collaboratively with teachers, students and parents to identify specific areas of need and possible barriers to success and develop specialized learning plans and strategies to best fit individual strengths and accommodate for areas needing support. We offer a wide range of intensive psycho-therapeutic interventions designed to address learning challenges and strengthen the ability to learn.  Our programming is individualized and unique to each learner as we support and coach students in building new skills and strategies to enhance their academic, personal, social and emotional growth. 

 Achieve Learning Centre has partnered with Cherry Tree Counselling & Psychotherapy Services to surround students and their families with unique, individualized support and therapy plans for success.  If you would like to schedule a full Educational Assessment and/or tutoring services for your child K-12, please contact Achieve Learning Centre at 905 627-2024 and speak with Christine, our Educational Advisor & Coordinator.

 If you feel your child may benefit from Educational Therapy or our youth support services  please visit Cherry Tree Counselling & Psychotherapy Serivces at or call Cree Lambeck at 905 536-2024 for your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation. We work closely with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, behaviourists, guidance counsellors, teachers and other professionals and have access to an extensive network of local healthcare specialists. 
Some concerns we can help with include:
~ anxiety, mood & stress
~ self-esteem/self-development
~ body image
~ gender identity
~ assertiveness
~ anger management
~ academic performance/time management/organizational planning
~ test taking anxiety
~ academic achievement
~ learning impairments, disorders/special needs
~ behavioural plans
~ interpersonal/social skills
~ memory/attention/focus
~ executive functioning
~ sensory processing
~ procrastination
~ motivation
~ career/academic planning
~ IEP support
~ mindfulness/meditation
~ health & wellness

We sincerely look forward to supporting your child and family.