Where students become motivated  and excited  about learning

Achieve Learning & Assessment Centre

The Achieve Philosophy 

1) Believe

Teachers at Achieve know that to fully foster academic growth and a true love of learning, students need to feel their efforts are productive and meaningful.  Our teachers encourage this growth through positive reinforcement, cooperative relationships and their own enthusiasm for teaching.

2) Achieve

When a student begins to see the positive results of his or her hard work and determination, motivation and desire for continued success is greatly increased.  The student is more energized and motivated to learn additional skills. This Achievement Cycle is an integral part of the Achieve learning philosophy. 

3) Succeed

Success will be achieved when a student has learned to independently apply these principles in his or her own academic and personal pursuits.  The strategies and lessons that will enable a child to reach this pinnacle must be learned.  Our goal is to teach children how to succeed.